Floor Sanding 


Q1. Are my floorboards too far gone to sand?

In most cases, even if your floor has been damaged, we can usually replace the problem floorboards with reclaimed pine floorboards. From there we will restore the boards and make them blend in perfectly with the rest of the floor.

Q2. Who will be working at my home?

Fine Finish Floor Sanding is a independent small family run business. We have two full time floor sanding specialists on staff. We always use experienced professionals when working at your home

Q3. How long will the work take?

This depends on the size of the job, however, we can typically complete a standard size room, which is roughly 12’ x 12’ in a couple of days. This includes sanding and staining your wood floors.

Q4. Should I have the gaps between the boards filled?

One is to mix resin with wood dust into a paste, this is then pushed into the gaps between the floorboards and left before sanding flush. The second method is to glue wood slivers made up from reclaimed pine wood into the gaps between the floorboards and the sand flush.


We would recommend filling the gaps in ground floor rooms and hallways as there could be a cold draft. In kitchens and bathrooms gap filling is recommended as a protection against spillage. We do not recommend wood fillers that are available in high street shops as they tend to shrink and fall through or get sucked out with the vacuum cleaner.

Q5. Will there be a lot of dust created from your sanding machines?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a completely dust-free zone; however, we only use the highest quality machines. As such, these machines come with powerful vacuums that substantially reduce the amount of dust created in your home.

Q6. I would like my floor to have a stain. Is this something I could do myself?

Fine Finish Floor Sanding has stained hundreds of floors and we know how to deal with any job. We have also seen a lot of floors that have been badly stained and it’s not a pretty picture. When a floor is stained well it has a beautiful even colour with depth to it. Stained badly and it can look patchy and dull with a dirty appearance. If you would like to see some examples of our work so you can see a floor we have stained recently, give us a call and we can try to arrange a viewing in your area. 

Q7. Which floor finish should I choose?

We offer a wide variety of professional wood floor lacquers, which are all water-based and incredibly safe for home use. The brands we rely on the most include Junckers and Bona


If you would prefer a nice, natural oil finish, we use Osmo polyx hard oil, which is available in matte or silk sheen.

Q8. Will there be a lot of noise created from your sanding machines?

If you live in a flat or semi-detached home then it may be a good idea to notify your neighbours about the upcoming work. We will always keep the noise to respectable hours.

Q9. What are the benefits of having my floors sanded?

Apart from looking beautiful, they are hygienic, easy to clean and beneficial to asthma suffers and people with dirt allergy. They do not harbour dust mites found in carpets and are a must for any one with kids and pets.